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/dev/sda 5.1 6230 activex addon alt+f2 android apache applet aps apt aptitude archive aria audacious audigy authentication autoupdate backup bandwidth bash beta bluetooth boot brainstorm bug cache canonical cat cd clean cli coding command line compressed cpu creative crypt cups dance database dd debian design desktop disk django dns dowload download dvd earth eclipse editor encryption eq error ext3 extension fedora firefox firewall flash flashplayer font forums fpt framework fstab ftp gconf gconftool gdm glibc gnome google googleearth gui hacking hardy heron history ibm idea ip iptables iso java jedit kernel key keyboard keytouch laptop launchpad lenovo Linux lock login media medibuntu microsoft mixer mobile module modules monitoring motherboard mount mozilla multimedia music mysql N73 netbook network nodoka nokia nomachine nvidia nx open-siurce openoffice Open Source opensync password perl phone php phyton powershell preset print printing privileges process proftpd Programming ps pulse pulseaudio purge radio rcconf rdp rebuild remote report run command sblive script scrollkeeper security sensors Sergey Brin server shell songbird soundcard ssh sshmenu Steve Horowitz sticker surround synchronization system-monitor temperature terminal terminator terminl theme thinkfinger thinkpad top torrent traffic Ubuntu ufw unp unrar upload usage usplash vga mode virtualbox vista visual fox visual studio vlc vnc vpn vsftpd wammu web website monitoring wget windows wordpress x.org xmms

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