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Karmic Koala Beta on ThinkPad T61

I just installed Ubuntu 9.10 Beta on my LENOVO ThinkPad T61 64608NG.
Here is what I found so far, in two days of intensive usage:

Quadro NVS 140M – 2D and 3D acceleration: tested and works.
Wireless switch: tested and works.
Sound: tested and works.
Enabling touchpad on/off key (fn-f8): not working.
Enabling Active Protection System: works by installing tp_smapi.
Read the complete guide here.
Fingerprint Reader: install thinkfinger-tools and libpam-thinkfinger from the repository and everything works.
Network Card Intel 10/100/1000: tested and works.
Wireless Intel PRO/4965AG: tested and works.
Card reader: not tested.

UPDATE: Power level of the fingerprint reader is set to on by default, so it gets hot pretty fast. Use one of the scripts here to set it to auto at boot time.
Note that the path /sys/class/usb_*/*/device is no longer working. Instead, use /sys/class/usbmon/usbmon*/device/usb*/*.
Here is the complete script for that, taken from and modified to reflect the new path.

RFID tags

RFID (Radio-frequency identification) is an automatic identification method.
RFID tags can be used in passports, transportation payments, product tracking, transportation and logistics, lap scoring, animal identification.
Human implants are also available but the experts warned against using RFID for authenticating people due to the risk of identity theft.
In the video you’ll see how RFID tags can be accesed using inexpensive off-the-shelf components.
Researcher Chris Paget built a device consisting of a Symbol XR400 RFID reader (now manufactured by Motorola), a Motorola AN400 patch antenna mounted to the side of his Volvo XC90, and a Dell 710m that’s connected to the RFID reader by ethernet cable. The laptop runs a Windows application Paget developed that continuously prompts the RFID reader to look for tags and logs the serial number each time one is detected. He bought most of the gear via auctions listed on eBay.
Watch and be scared!


Monitor your downtime

easy.MEDIA launched a website monitoring service ( based on nagios.
The service offers SMS/Email notification to meet your need for mobility.
The servers/websites will be crossed-monitored to avoid false alarms.

Huawei E169 USB Stick

Huawei E169 USB Stick

I just get my hand on an Huawei E169 USB Stick.
Works by default in Hardy and Intrepid (tested by me).
For advanced tool for this gadget, check out vodafone’s open source development site.

Asus Eee PC

They say ‘Easy to learn, Easy to work, Easy to play.’ I say ‘All You Need is an Eee Pc and a Dream!’

PcNews si ASUS Romania pun la bataie 3 Eee PC pentru cei ce publica cele mai interesante sloganuri pentru Eee PC.


Detalii despre concurs aici.

Detalii tehnice despre Eee PC aici si aici.

Nu ma apuc sa indrug verzi si uscate cum ca mi-ar folosi ca sa fac x lucru sau sa postez y chestii de mai siu eu unde, dar mi-ar placea unul…

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