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Howto Change Ubuntu Forced fsck

In Ubuntu the boot hard disk is checked every 20 boots. I have to boot my laptop quite often, so about once a week booting takes more than 10 minutes. This clearly sucks. Fortunately, there is an easy way to fix this. With tune2fs it is possible to change the interval from mount-times to timed interval:

Asus Eee PC

They say ‘Easy to learn, Easy to work, Easy to play.’ I say ‘All You Need is an Eee Pc and a Dream!’

PcNews si ASUS Romania pun la bataie 3 Eee PC pentru cei ce publica cele mai interesante sloganuri pentru Eee PC.


Detalii despre concurs aici.

Detalii tehnice despre Eee PC aici si aici.

Nu ma apuc sa indrug verzi si uscate cum ca mi-ar folosi ca sa fac x lucru sau sa postez y chestii de mai siu eu unde, dar mi-ar placea unul…

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