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Enabling cupsys Web Admin Interface

Enabling cupsys Web Admin Interface

If you are trying to get your printing system going, and search for tips and docs on the web, you will find most of the documentation referring to http://localhost:631 as your cupsys administration interface. However, on Ubuntu, this browser-based administrative interface for cupsys is disabled by
default. Here’s how to enable it:
Select “System”->”Administration”->”Users and Groups” from the main menu on your desktop.
Select “Show all users” and/or “Show all groups”.
Add the user “cupsys” to the group “shadow” in the “groups” tab.

Restart cupsys by issuing the command:
sudo /etc/init.d/cupsys restart
IMPORTANT: I don’t know why the web admin interface was disabled in the first place – so please know that it is best to reverse all that you did once by
removing the user cupsys from the shadow group, and restarting cupsys, once your work with the interface is done.

If you want, from command line only:

sudo adduser cupsys shadow
sudo passwd cupsys
sudo /etc/init.d/cupsys restart

Report manager

Found this:

Report manager is a reporting application (Report Manager Designer) and also a set of components for Delphi, Builder and Kylix, also supports development environment accepting ActiveX controls (Visual Basic, Visual FoxPro, any Visual Studio.Net language…). C dynamic standard library with exported functions is provided to use the engine with any other language like GNU C.

Afae – An All-purpose Editor for Eclipse

Afae’s goal is to be a Textmate like editor in Eclipse.

How to install jEdit on Ubuntu 7.04

This will help you install jEdit, a programmer’s text editor.
Find out more here:
To install it, fallow these steps:
– Edit sources.list file:
sudo joe /etc/apt/sources.list
– Add the fallowing lines:

deb ./
deb-src ./

– Run:
sudo apt-get update
– Install jEdit:
sudo apt-get install jedit
You’re done!


A curses-based interactive mixer.


Transmission has been designed to be a versatile and multi-platform BitTorrent client,
focusing on being lightweight, yet feature-filled.
You can find Ubuntu packages here:

Fix for SSH slow to ask for password in Ubuntu Feisty Fawn

Found this here:
Go to System > Administration > Network
Click the “General” tab
You need to Uncheck the option that says “Scan for available services and advertise…” and close.
Now you can try to login using ssh you should see it will prompt for password immediately.
That’s it!

Enabling Authentication with apache

Enabling Authentication

There is actually 2 different ways of getting authenticated with apache.

– Basic Authentication: password is passed from client to server in plain text across the network;
– Digest Authentication: password is transmitted as a MD5 digest which is more secure.

In order to avoid to have our password transmitted as clear text, we are going to use the Digest Authentication.
This kind of authentication actually relies on an apache module which is not enable by default: auth_digest.
To enable it, simply run:
sudo a2enmod auth_digest
Now that apache can handle Digest Authentication, we need to set up a user/password/realm using:
htdigest -c /var/www/munin/.htpasswd munin foo

Adding a startup script to be run at bootup

So you have a script of your own that you want to run at bootup, each time
you boot up. This will tell you how to do that.
Write a script. put it in the /etc/init.d/ directory.
Lets say you called it FOO. You then run

You also have to make the file you created, FOO, executable, using

You can check out man update-rc.d for more information. It is a Debian
utility to install scripts. The option defaults puts a link to start FOO in
run levels 2, 3, 4 and 5. (and puts a link to stop FOO into 0, 1 and 6.)

Also, to know which runlevel you are in, use the runlevel command.

If you want to remove the script, just run:

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